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Hi! I'm Severin Torben Seehrich.

I'm trying to figure out how to live a fulfilled and useful life in this rather peculiar, complex, constantly changing silicon world. Along the way, I have dabbled in social justice activism, travelled the world as an Esperanto speaker, and tested my talents in Effective Altruism and the rationality community. Currently, I'm studying Zen at La Gendronnière, Europe's oldest Zen monastery in the middle of France.

I also completed some formal education, if that is something that matters to you. It includes a straight-A master's degree in social philosophy from the University of Rostock, a certificate in Theme-Centered Interaction, and if I didn't mess up the final paperwork, very soon a counseling trainer certificate as well (Kooperative Beratung). Additionally, I bring 1000+ hours of facilitation experience.

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